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Pressure Sensitive Labels

Listed below are some brief descriptions of some of our products. On our Capabilities page you will find more descriptions of specialty products. If you do not find what you need, please contact one of our print specialists and they will point you in the right direction.

Available Products

Pressure Sensitive Labels

Face stock made of paper or film materials that have different top coatings and textures. The face stock is what is printed with the graphics of your product. On the back of a pressure sensitive label is the adhesive. There are many adhesives to choose from, including permanent, removable and tire to name a few. A pressure sensitive label comes on a non-stick coated liner and is provided in rolls or sheets. The end use and application of your label is what determines your label construction. There are many options to choose from to put the final touch on your label for looks and overall protection. Some examples would be: Lamination, varnish, tactile, cold foil, etc.


Sheeted labels can be provided in three different options.

  1. Pressure sensitive labels that peel off of a liner carrier form.
  2. Non-adhesive material or board stock that is cut into a specific size and shape.
  3. Duo-web forms that are a combination of pressure sensitive material that is glued to a non-adhesive bond paper to create one sheeted form.

All of these sheeted options are finished in stacks of selected quantities.

Tags / Hangers

Non-adhesive board material that is typically 6-12pt. thick. Tag or board material is cut into specific shapes with special holes, hanging loops, creases, etc. Tags and hangers have unlimited printing options and can be used for applications such as: Bottleneck hangers, seasoning pouch tops, string looped tags, etc.

No Look

Very clear thin film material with a clean “no look” adhesive to give the appearance of a no label look on your product.

Security Labels

We offer several void and tamper evident label constructions for your security needs.


We have a large selection of metallic materials to choose from. They range from dull / matte papers to very bright shiny films. We can create very special printing effects when using these materials to create a very customized look. We have access to the full metallic ink color gamut and latest trend colors.

Cold Foil

Cold Foil is a very thin foil material that is applied by using a printing plate and a UV adhesive. It can be applied as an accent to a design or shape. It can also be applied as a solid pattern or shape. We offer a very wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from.

Squeezable Films

These films are very pliable and come in a glossy or matte finish. Some of the most common applications would be squeezable food tubes and containers or lotion tubes.

Snack Webs

Non-adhesive paper and films with a food barrier used to create food packaging. Some of the items would include: Protein bars, effervescent, dry shake drinks, season packets, dry snacks, etc.

Cosmetic Webs

Non-adhesive films with a product barrier used to create cosmetic packaging. Some of the items would include: Lotion, shampoo, conditioner, gel, wipes, etc.


We offer a very wide selection of printable options. Some of the material options would include: Direct Thermal, Thermal Transfer, printable matte papers, printable matte bopp, etc. We also offer printable gloss and matte varnish.

Variable Data (VDP)

On demand printing from file to print. We have the ability to print any type of text variable data or code on several pieces of equipment. We also have the ability to print variable graphics and labels in a constant run or single roll.

Instant Redeemable Coupon (IRC)

This is a dry peel coupon with no adhesive residue. This product can be printed up to 10 colors total, front and back.

Extended Content Label (ECL)

This is a dry peel label with no adhesive residue. This product has 3 layers of printable space: Front, back and bottom leave behind. A total of 1 0 colors can be printed on the 3 layers.

Re-Sealable Extended Content

This is a resealable version of an ECL. This product has 3 layers of printable space: Front, back and bottom. A total of 8 colors can be printed on the 3 layers. There are key points inside the construction of this label that contain re-sealable adhesive. This allows for the ability to open and close the label.

Removable Labels

We offer several removable adhesives that range from one time use to multiple uses.