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About TLC Label Company

About TLC Label CompanyCall Us: 866.514.8420

Company Overview

TLC Label Company is a family owned business founded to provide quality products, at a fair price, with an emphasis on customer service. Our goal is to continue to improve in all aspects. We welcome new ideas and find solutions to attain and sustain steady growth. This provides us the ability to expand, create jobs, and continue to reinvest in the company while enhancing our market share as a manufacturer of labels. Our success is attributed to continual teamwork from three areas: office, plant, and sales force. We use positive communication, promote a professional atmosphere, and respect our co-workers. We stand behind our products and make every reasonable effort to retain all customers.

“Quality Printing ... Superior Service ... Competitive Pricing”
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Our History


Where it started

Founded in 1984, Tempe Label Company (TLC) began providing labels for the produce industry in the Southwest United States and Mexico. In the coming years they would venture into the Commercial and Industrial markets.


The Acquisition

Tempe Label Company was purchased by RX Systems in 2000. ( RX Systems is located in St. Charles, Missouri and has been a leader in the Independent pharmacy packaging market since 1979.

The acquisition of Tempe Label by RX Systems generated a new market of pharmacy labels and duo-web forms.


Official Name Change

With the addition of this new business, TLC Label Company rapidly out grew their location in Tempe, AZ. In November of 2002, they moved into a brand new 20,000 square foot facility in Chandler, Arizona.

Upon this move to Chandler, they changed their name to TLC Label Company.



By 2007 TLC Label Company would expand its 20,000 square foot facility by adding a 12,000 square foot warehouse for all raw materials. This would free up the original 20,000 square feet for all production equipment.


Dominating the Market

Over the years, TLC Label Company moved into all of the large label markets including, but not limited to: Water Bottles, Food & Beverage, Health & Beauty, Beer & Wine, Digital, Coupons, Extended information and much more.


New Facility

After 12 years, and a few expansions of their Chandler facility, TLC Label Company moved into a brand new 55,000 square foot facility in Gilbert, Arizona where they currently reside.


The Motto

The success of TLC Label Company began with a simple slogan that still holds true today, “Customer Service is Our Business!”